Local Beauty: Your Favorite View

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Rules & Prizes

Local Beauty - Your Favorite View

It could be a Big City Skyline or your Small Town Main Street, the Community Dog Park or Central Park, Putt Putt Golf or Augusta National. It is what you and your community love and find beautiful


  1. Select your best images - up to THREE - You may want to watermark your images
  2. Name and format your files per the IMAGE FORMAT REQUIREMENTS below.
  3. Pay Image Competition REGISTRATION FEE Here. (You are not done with ClubExpress)
  4. Go to https://papainternational.com/
  5. On the top navigation bar go to Photo Competition drop down list and choose the Local Beauty Category
  6. Click “Upload Photo”
  7. Create a username in the entry form or login using your username and password from the 2020 image competition.
  8. Fill out the entry form and upload your first photo (you MAY see upload progress on the bottom left as a percentage, please be patient)
  9. NEW USERS: Once your photo is uploaded and awaiting approval, you will receive an email with your print competition username and password
  10. NEW USERS: Once your initial photo is uploaded and you are logged in, you can enter another image.
  11. Your image will be approved once the submission period ends and you have paid your image competition fees!
  12. Registration and Voting will end on December 20, 2020


THAT’S IT!  Now here are the details…

  • The photos will not be judged exclusively by PAPA members, but by YOUR community. Once you enter,
    you'll share your photo(s) with your family, friends, clients and colleagues. THEY will vote for your image.
    The entry with the highest number of votes will be the winner. Your community wants to see these images.
    And encourage your friends to spread the word and your photos.
  • Enter your photo, spread the word through your social media, friends, and family. Anyone may vote on your image. The image that garners the highest number of votes will win! One vote per person per day!
  • The cost to enter is $10 per image.
  • The winner will receive ALL the proceeds!
  • Image Size: No larger than 6000px wide (since this is online voting only, you may enter smaller file sizes)

Those of you who don't have huge followings on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter can still grab lots of
attention and votes. Offer to donate the winnings (some or all) to your favorite local charity. Everyone
involved with the charity will vote, vote and vote again. Your local news will want to hear about it and to see
the photos. During the contest, your local paper will probably want to tell the story and include the picture.
This is an opportunity to get attention for your photography business.
If you have questions, contact Niki Britton at Niki111th@gmail.com