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Our annual, regional, and international conferences bring together aerial photographers from around the world to discuss issues that impact our profession

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PAPA International, The Professional Aerial Photographers' Association, is a professional trade organization, whose members are aerial photographers throughout the world. Our goal is that of an educational group, dedicated to the promotion of high business ethics, helping our members to provide quality service and products through shared experience. Founded in 1974.

Amy Hartsfield

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Jon Engle

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Frank Carleton

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Jean-Luc Kaiser

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Andrew Holt

Aerial Photography UK Ltd., London

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Chuck Boyle

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Julie Belanger*

111th Aerial & Architectural Photography

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Ted Campbell*

Campbell's Creative Photography

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PAPA Recommends

PAPA International recommends the following providers on the basis of the appropriateness for use in aerial photography, quality, price and service. Before you buy, check out the PAPA equipment reviews and through e-mail links ask our members who use the equipment why they like it.